Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

We have no control over the cost of shipping. That is determined by the companies we use. We do not offer free shipping in any form. Any options for free shipping are webhost errors. Shipping prices change frequently. If you placed your order online, then the price you are quoted will be what you are charged. If your order was placed by ETS Design, then you will be given the cost of shipping when the order is ready to be shipped. We do not charge for shipping if you pick up your order.

COD is not one of the payment options we offer.

We ship orders out within 3 business days. There is no guarantee we will be able to ship your order the day you place it.

We follow the shipping companies' classification for addresses. If they consider a location to be residential, then we will label it as such. This is REGARDLESS of how you use it. *Residential addresses, buildings, and areas are designed and zoned specifically for people to live in. *Commercial addresses, buildings, and areas are designed and zoned for purposes other than living.

This means the payment was not completed for some reason. Log back into your account, Go to 'order history', and your last order should be the one on the very top. click on 'reorder' which is on the right side of the same line, then everything you want should be back into the cart. If you find something is taken out of your cart, that item is probably sold out.

There are 2 ways to sign up: Click on 'register' at the upper right hand corner, fill in the information, the user name will be an email address you want to use, and choose a password that's easy to remember. When you click 'Submit', a confirmation of registration should be sent to you. Reply that Email with a copy of Tax ID or Business Permit, then you may begin to order. Email address: Fax number: 866-673-3296

If you have registered, please log in with your email and password, and begin to purchase. If an account has not been set up, please register first, send in a copy of the Tax ID or Business permit, then you may begin to purchase.

Different carriers have their own specialty routes. When a carrier has a high volume on certain route, the shipping cost to that specific routes might be cheaper. The cheapest way to ship is by Pallet, and that's when we put all the merchandise on a pallet and ship them as one unit.

Your bank might be blocking it for your protection. Please Contact Your Bank and let them know about your purchase. This Issue Happens Regardless of who places your order.

Please let us know within 10 days so we can help to file a claim. No claim will be accepted after the time frame since no carriers will prove it after that. Please log into your account and submit a claim, then email us your order number and pictures of the broken item, shipping label, any box damage, and packing material so we may file a claim on your behalf. DO NOT throw away the damaged item as the shipping companies may ask to see the damage in person. Once the claim is proved, then we will ship the replacement along with your next order or refund you. email the claim to:

How to use PayPal Credit? - Make a purchase that cost at least $99.00 before the shipping, then proceed to the CHECK OUT. - Choose PayPal at the check out page, then click 'Purchase' - A page comes up with 2 choices: first choice (the one on the top) says 'Pay with my PayPal Account', the second choice ( the one at the bottom) says: Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit. Choose Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit - Three Tabs will show up, be sure to choose PayPal Credit Special Offer, and fill in all the information, at the bottom of the page, click 'Sign up and continue' - Follow the prompt to finish

ETS DESIGN does not take exchanges or returns unless an incorrect item was sent. Although rare, but in case it happened, please log into your account and submit a ticket so we can get it resolved as soon as possible. However, if wrong items was ordered or wrong cases were ordered, it's up to ETS DESIGN's discretion to authorized the return or exchange. All returned items are subject to 15% restock fee. Once the merchandise is returned, the cost of the merchandise will be refunded minus the shipping cost.

When buyers order over 200lbs of merchandise or roughly a minimum of 10 boxes, we can try to put everything on a pallet and ship them as one unit. The cost of shipping is normally a lot less than shipping ground.

Premium Oil: is the potent form of our burning oil, it's not cut with any carrier. Buyers normally makes soap, candle, lotion or other products with it. Burning Oil: is already mixed with the carrier and ready to be used or poured into smaller bottles to sell. Premium Body Oil: is safe for skin without adding any carriers. Buyer normally repackage them into 1/3 Oz Roll On Bottles to resell.

It depends on how many bottles of burning oil you want to make. Our buyers use 1 bottle of premium make somewhere between 2 to 6 bottles of burning base on how strong the scent is desired. It's easier if use an empty gallon and mix. Using 1lb of premium oil: to make 2 bottles of burning, you would do 1(lb premium):1(lb DPG), to make 3 bottles of burning, you would do 1(lb premium):2(lb DPG), to make 4 bottles of burning, then it's 1:3 ratio, so on and so forth.

DPG is called dipropylene glycol. It has 2 different grade levels, DPG has odor but it's cheaper than DPG LO. ETS DESIGN ONLY carry DPG LO, which is a high purity product, designed for use in odor sensitive applications such as fragrances and cosmetics. However, it is NOT a food grade product, and should NOT be used in foods and beverages, or any flavoring applications.

If we normally carry it and you do not see it, then it is just temporarily out of stock.

We will take care of the issue if buyer reports it within 15 days. Most of the time it's either a light bulb or a wire, and we can send replacement light bulb or wire along with the next order with no additional charge. If it's something a buyer can not easily fix, then we will need the burner back to either fix or just replace. If it's after 15 days, we sell replacement wire and light bulbs and they are inexpensive to purchase.

All it needs is 2 or 3 drops of oil, the rest is water. It is important not to put too much oil in it or it could plug up the filter. In order to get the full benefit of Aromatherapy, it is best to use essential oils. If you just want the room to smell good and don't care for other effects, you can use one of our other oils.

Ultrasonic Diffusers dispense aroma oils into the air as negative ions. These diffusers get their name from the ultrasonic vibrations used to break down the essential oils into micro particles, mixed with the water molecules, then dispersed as a very fine mist into the air. It is great for Aromatherapy.